Our Focused Criteria

Fireside specializes in four principle types of properties:

Our Investment strategy is to seek opportunities matching the following criteria:

  • Assets across the Midwest
  • Primary states are ND, MN, WI, MI, SD, IA, IL, IN, OH, NE, OK, MO, KY, TN, GA
  • Multi-Family Apartments, Self-Storage Facilities, Office, and Mixed Use
  • Between $2 to $15 million in equity requirement
  • Value-add opportunities at leveraged minimum net IRR of 20%
  • Positive cash flow day one
  • Leverage between 60% to 80%

Focused Criteria for Multi-Family:

  • 250+ units
  • 1985 vintage or newer
  • Property Range from A- to C+
  • Location range from A- to B
  • Within a 3 mile radius of a Medical or University campus
  • Positive population growth past 3 years
  • Tier 3 MSAs or better

Focused Criteria for Self-Storage:

  • 50,000+ sq. feet
  • 10,000 daily traffic count
  • Range from A- to C+
  • Tier 3 MSAs or better preferred

Focused Criteria for Mixed Use:

  • 150+ units
  • Commercial component 15,000 sq. ft.
  • Property Range from A- to C
  • Location Range from A- to B
  • Tier 3 MSAs or better
  • Multi Family/Office, Retail or Storage
  • Storage/Office or Retail

Focused Criteria for Office Space:

  • 50,000+ sq. ft.
  • Property Range from A- to B
  • Location Range A to A-
  • Tier 3 MSAs or better
  • Credit Rated Tenants

Investment Process

Fireside employs a disciplined process to generate superior risk-adjusted returns:


Off Market Deals

Theme Development

Exploit Inefficient Local Markets

Leverage Relationships


Strict Due Diligence

Conservative Underwriting

Capital Preservation

Optimal Deal Structure


Hands-On Asset Management

Portfolio Management

Relationships with Best of Class
Operating Partners


Optimize Returns through Active Investment Management

Explore Multiple Strategic
Alternative and
Exit Opportunities